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Meghan glows with good health and is extremely passionate about health and wellness. She is thoughtful about how she shares her passion and knowledge and does it in a very supportive, fun, non-judgmental and unassuming way, always being there to provide support along the way. Since starting to work with Meghan, I have an overall feeling of better health and well-being. I am feeding my intellectual curiosity about better nutrition, and I feel more hydrated, lighter (better digestion) and stronger (muscle strength). I would recommend Meghan to anyone who is open to giving better nutrition and overall wellness a chance, as Meghan’s coaching program has already made a significant difference in my life.


68 years old

Meghan is a supportive and patient coach that has helped me face any problem I have presented her with and has gone out of her way to come up with precise solutions that work. My digestive issues are on track for the first time in my life, and I got my period for the first time in years. More importantly, Meghan has helped me develop sustainable routines for the longer term. Overall, working with Meghan has been a blessing in disguise. After helping me solve my first goal, we hopped onto achieving new goals, and I now feel as though my life is unravelling secret gems every day. Because of Meghan, I am now able to live a fulfilled life and really appreciate the little things!



Meghan is kind, intelligent, driven, and a great listener. She has really helped me become more aware and mindful of what foods keep me energized and satisfied during the day without weighing myself or counting calories. More importantly, she went beyond my food/eating habits, shining light on the different areas of my life I want to work on and giving tangible feedback about how to go about making progress in those areas. I would recommend Meghan to anyone who wants to take an in-depth holistic approach (rather than a quick fix) to improve their health and well-being.


27 years old

Meghan is kind, sincere, easy-going, a great listener, empathetic, and very intelligent. She is extremely dedicated to helping her clients improve their well-being. At the beginning of my program, I wanted to improve my digestive issues, build a more intuitive and healthy relationship with food, and become less of a perfectionist. Meghan was able to help me work towards these goals by addressing my concerns, coming up with easy-to-follow solutions, and providing constant support (through both email and text) throughout the entire process. I have learned how to cope with my digestive issues and now understand that health is not just about food, but about how every element of life affects your health in ways you would not have expected. I am very happy with Meghan's program, and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their well-being by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.



Meghan is knowledgeable and eager to share her wisdom and passion with others. She quickly responded to all emails and texts, and offered a gradual, but doable, approach to achieve my goals. At the beginning of the program, I wanted to stop obsessing about my weight, reduce /resolve my digestive issues, and bring my body back into balance to ultimately feel more confident in my skin. With Meghan's guidance, I was able to identify triggers and build a more healthy and balanced relationship with food, minimize my persistent digestive issues, develop more confidence, and lose weight too!


47 years old

Meghan is kind, empathetic, hardworking, analytical, dedicated, passionate, trustworthy, genuine, and smart! She was able to help me work towards my program goals by providing helpful, actionable tips and resources (such as a grocery list and a list of healthy snacks), giving highly personalized advice, and sending follow-up emails that summarized our conversation and outlined takeaways for me to work on or explore. She is a great role model and mentor, exemplifying her practice in her day-to-day life (on Instagram), and has really helped me understand the relationship between our emotional state and our food choices.

Because of the program, I now have a more intuitive and balanced relationship with food, have more confidence in my dietary choices and cooking skills, and feel less pressure to drink socially. I would recommend Meghan to anyone looking for an empathetic and highly professional health coach to help them live a more balanced and intentional life.


28 years old

Starting this journey, my goals were to understand food principles in order to transition to a plant-based lifestyle and to find balance in my life, as I have a lot of responsibilities and was increasingly stressed and anxious. Meghan was able to help me work toward these goals by listening, guiding, steering, and giving me everything I needed at the right moment with the right words. Overall, I have seen a major improvement in my food/eating habits, my health, and my personal growth and development. I am more calm, more confident, more present, kinder to myself, and happier in all areas of my life; I know what I need and I know how to be happy with food and with myself.

My journey with Meghan has literally changed my life, and all of the positive changes I've seen in myself have also impacted my relationships and have resonated with my loved ones. Meghan is a brilliant coach/guide, an old soul, and really has a unique talent. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to be free of old food/eating habits and who can benefit from more joy and peace in their lives.


57 years old

Starting this program, I was hoping to mend my relationship with food and with my body as well as start to feel confident in my decisions around food and nourishing myself. Meghan was an incredible source of information and resources, and provided me with the most compassionate guidance and reminders to be gentle on myself throughout the process. She was ultimately a safe space for me each and every week, which truly allowed me to explore and understand my patterns and beliefs without any judgment.

As a result, I have substantially cut out any negative thoughts and behaviours related to my body and my food choices, which I have been trying to do for over 6 years. I would recommend Meghan to anyone who wants to better their relationship with themselves and therefore their quality of life - so, everyone!


28 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to develop awareness around and reduce my gut/digestive issues and build more consistent, sustainable healthy eating habits. After working with Meghan, I can now say that I've developed sustainable food/lifestyle habits, can navigate grocery stores and know which products/brands to buy, am on the right path to resolving my gut issues, and am taking less but more effective supplements. I even got pregnant while we were working together!

Meghan was the absolute best support system for me. Even when we didn't have a session, she was always available by text/voicenote. She educated me and took time to explain the 'why' behind certain topics so that I was able to implement them in a meaningful way, and helped me fully understand the root of my gut health and offer clear solutions to improve. Lastly, her recipes and grocery lists are fantastic! Meghan is supportive, knowledgeable, and human. She was really able to help me change how I approach health; I know now that it's not about taking a million supplements and striving for perfection, but rather about balance and finding a sustainable approach that works for me. I would recommend Meghan to anyone who is looking to have a healthier connection with their food and lifestyle habits and to reduce/resolve deeper rooted gut/digestive issues.


34 years old

Starting this coaching program, I was preparing for an intense surgery and really wanted to support my pre- and post-op healing journey with sustainable food and lifestyle changes. Meghan was able to help me work towards these goals by being present, listening to my needs and concerns, and always being there to provide me with support and structure throughout the entire process. Since working together, I have developed more mindful/intuitive eating habits and an openness to creativity with food (instead of relying on intense weekly meal prep). Furthermore, I have a much better relationship with food and alcohol, have started eating more plant-based whole foods, have resolved bloating and other digestive issues, and had a very quick recovery after my surgery. 

Even though I already had basic nutrition/health knowledge, I always wanted a coach to help me navigate my health journey and was missing something to feel better in my own skin. I was about to undergo a procedure and wanted to prepare a pre/post-op healing journey with food for a speedy and quick recovery. When I found Meghan on Instagram, I knew she was the right person to help. I never thought I would actually stop intense meal prepping while staying healthy and not gaining weight, but here I am - intuitive eating, living a better and less stressful life at home, and feeling the utmost connection between my mind, body, spirit. Meghan is knowledgeable, passionate, non-judgmental, down-to-earth, has a big heart, and really wants to make a positive impact on people's lives and help them become their most vibrant and radiant selves from the inside out. I would recommend Meghan to anyone who wants to change their life through a whole-person holistic approach to health, and my advice to you is to take the opportunity to work 1:1 with Meghan as soon as you have it!


32 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to restore my gut health, drink way less alcohol, and eat mostly plant-based. After working with Meghan, my diet has completely changed for the better. I used to have dairy or meat at almost every meal, and now avoid most animal products and genuinely CRAVE and LOVE plant-based whole foods. I have also developed a more mindful/intuitive relationship with food, have started to reduce my alcohol intake and develop awareness around my drinking patterns, and have introduced mindfulness/meditations into my life that work for me. Meghan was able to give me approachable modifications that fit realistically within my lifestyle and didn't feel burdensome whatsoever.

Meghan is easy to talk to, encouraging, supportive, adaptable, and multidisciplinary. I would recommend Meghan to absolutely anyone interested in exploring different ways to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle and anyone who wants to look inward to advance their health and well-being and reach their full potential. I'm so happy I went forward with Meghan's coaching program; it was really encouraging and helped me make big changes in my life.


31 years old

Starting this coaching program, I really wanted to reduce cigarette consumption, identify and heal my gut/digestive issues, and reduce/resolve consistent bloating. Meghan was able to help me work towards these goals by listening more than she talked, summarizing what we went over that day and what I promised myself I'd work on until the next time we met, and always being available via text or voicenote (pretty much 24/7) any time I had a question. Since working together, I have been much more mindful of which foods disrupt my digestion and may lead to digestive distress, have celebrated the small wins towards my health goals, and have stayed consistent with adding more plant-based whole foods to my diet on a daily basis.

Meghan is knowledgeable, sweet, supportive, very chill, and again, listens more than she talks. She really knows how to coach and ask the right questions. I would recommend Meghan to anyone who is in need of support and is looking to start their transformational journey towards better health.


28 years old

Starting this coaching program, I really wanted to get my refined sugar cravings under control, work on optimizing my digestion and elimination, and get control over my recurring pre-diabetic symptoms (including migraines and dizzy spells). Meghan helped me to understand where my weaknesses are and how to address them in a way that feels natural and long-lasting, providing support and encouragement along the way.

Since working with Meghan, I sleep much better, have clear skin, have significantly more energy, and have drastically reduced digestive issues and inflammation. Most importantly, I have not had a crippling migraine and/or experienced any significant pre-diabetic symptoms in 3 months. Not only have my food/eating habits changed quite significantly, but I am also eating much more mindfully and am no longer craving refined sugars like I used to (instead resorting to fresh fruit, dates, figs, and other foods that will nourish me). Meghan was supportive, attentive, resourceful, and knowledgeable throughout our time working together, and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone who wants to rethink their food/eating and lifestyle habits.


45 years old

Starting this coaching program, I was dealing with very significant gut/digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and many other physical symptoms that were debilitating me for many years. I was feeling quite defeated after trying many diets and supplements and working with other practitioners. I wanted to identify the root cause of these issues and make the right changes to heal my gut, regulate my hormones, and develop a healthier, more mindful relationship with food. During the past 3 months working with Meghan, I was able to get tested and properly diagnosed, adjust my diet and my lifestyle to manage and nearly eliminate the large majority of my symptoms, and basically feel like a different person. I have more energy, have more mental focus and clarity, experience very minimal digestive issues, inflammation, and hormonal symptoms around my period, have much more regular bowel movements, and feel more present, grounded, and calm.

Meghan is a very knowledgeable and grounded coach. When I first started working with her, I was at a point where I felt like I had tried everything and couldn't even trust my body anymore. I really felt so disconnected from myself; no matter what I tried or put in my body, I felt unwell. Meghan helped me find the root cause of my digestive issues and come up with the right food and lifestyle plan to address them. She would always listen and ask the right questions, guide me to the right solution through detailed answers and explanations, and was extremely supportive and devoted to me throughout the experience (without any judgment whatsoever). I always felt like she was really trying to help me get better and was providing unique recommendations based on my specific issues and situation instead of taking a cookie cutter approach.

Meghan's approach did not only focus on food, but also addressed every other aspect of my lifestyle, including my mindset. Working with her was the best decision I have ever made in my life for my health and well-being, as she ultimately helped me help myself. I would recommend Meghan to absolutely anyone who has deeper rooted gut or hormonal issues and/or simply wants the tools and knowledge to have better food and lifestyle habits and to feel happier and healthier.


28 years old

Starting this coaching program, I really wanted to adopt healthier plant-based food/eating habits, lose weight, reduce inflammation/osteoarthritis, crowd out poor food/eating habits, reduce alcohol consumption, and become more physically active. I am now much better at making healthy food choices, eating more whole fruits and vegetables than ever before and becoming super comfortable with grocery shopping, making meal plans, and preparing meals for myself on a weekly basis. I have lost weight, seen a drastic reduction in inflammation/osteoarthritis, and am also much more active.Meghan was a compassionate and adaptable coach, always providing sound, easy-to-follow guidelines and references about how to make better food/lifestyle choices. I would recommend Meghan to absolutely anyone who is looking to make changes to their food and lifestyle habits, and can't wait to read her new book launching soon!


55 years old

Starting this coaching program, I really wanted to identify the root cause(s) of digestive issues (gas, bloating, stomach pain, etc.) and increase energy, become more in tune with and connected to my body, develop a more mindful, intuitive relationship with food, and adopt an 80-20 lifestyle in many areas of my life. Meghan helped me work towards these goals by helping me to identify a clear food sensitivity (gluten) and bringing more awareness to my emotional eating/binging triggers so that I could repair my relationship with food. I now feel like I basically have no digestive issues whatsoever, increased energy, more mental focus/clarity, and more mindfulness/presence in my everyday life, especially when it comes to food and eating. I am now very confident in the choices I am making for myself and feel more present, grounded, and calm.

Meghan was incredibly patient, helpful, aware, knowledgeable, encouraging, and super available to provide support throughout the entire program. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking to embark on their health journey.


26 years old

Starting this program, I wanted to learn how to better manage my Type 1 diabetes and blood glucose levels through food, build a more mindful/intuitive and balanced relationship with food, manage my daily stress & anxiety and all of the unknowns in my life, and feel better physically and mentally. Meghan helped me work towards these goals by being non-judgmental, calm, and understanding, and by meeting me where I was. The only reason I felt comfortable sharing things and listening to her guidance was because she always made me feel secure and that any/all of my emotions and feelings were valid. She gave me some incredible tools, knowledge/information, and resources that I still use today.
I have now adopted healthy habits and feel so much better both physically and mentally. Since working with Meghan, the most significant overall change I’ve seen is my peace of mind - towards food, my life, my career, and my relationships. I would recommend Meghan to my friends, my family, and anyone who is currently struggling with their health and their life in general. I am so grateful for her!


29 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to balance my hormones holistically and finally get my period back, build a mindful/intuitive and balanced relationship with food, and feel more confident when grocery shopping and cooking. Meghan invested in every single goal I brought to her. She always provided me with generous amounts of information, tools, and resources to support my own learning and facilitate me working towards my goals, and was always one quick text message away whenever I had a question or needed support (even inviting me to wellness events in LA and fun girls’ dinners!).

I finally got my period back and balanced my hormones holistically, feel more energetic and less fatigued, have drastically reduced digestive issues, have clear skin, have an 80-20 mindset (and a more balanced relationship) with food and am more in tune with my body’s natural cues, and find myself naturally gravitating towards whole foods that nourish my body.

Meghan is very reliable, supportive, creative, organized, goal-oriented, and thoughtful. I would truly recommend her to anyone trying to be more mindful about their relationship with food and with themselves.


30 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to gain confidence in my predominantly plant-based diet as a highly active individual, to remedy some ongoing digestive issues that I was experiencing, and to bring my body back into a place of balance hormonally and emotionally. Meghan provided me the support, knowledge/information, and resources needed to improve the physical symptoms that I was experiencing and to get back into optimal health even if I strayed from my habits for a period of time. Meghan was very attentive and available as a health coach, and was highly responsive whenever a question or concern came up.

I now have drastically reduced digestive issues, increased energy, and increased confidence and self-assuredness in my food and lifestyle choices. Through Meghan’s approach, I have realized that simplicity is better and that I don’t need to overcomplicate my health. I am grounded and at ease knowing that getting back to basics, eating almost exclusively plants, and focusing on fundamentals improves my mental and physical state more than almost anything else.

Meghan is highly empathetic, kind, and understanding, was supportive and responsive any time that I reached out (even via text or voicenote), and really wanted me to feel and experience the results that come from implementing her principles (which I did!) without being pushy. I would recommend her to anyone looking to work with a very in-touch and caring practitioner as well as anyone who has struggled in the past to sort through the weeds of information when it comes to health and nutrition. She truly practices what she preaches!


24 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to reduce/resolve my gut/digestive issues, get a regular period back and balance my hormones holistically after going off of birth control, and build a more mindful/intuitive relationship with food. Meghan was able to help me work towards these goals by giving me tips, tools, knowledge/information, and resources to meet all of my goals during the three-month program. I got a regular period back with very minimal symptoms and balanced my hormones holistically after going off of birth control, resolved the majority of my gut/digestive issues and have regular bowel movements, have more clear, vibrant skin, and have increased energy and vitality. I now know fully understand the fundamentals of an abundant and alkaline plant-based diet, and am finally in tune with and connected to my body!

Meghan is hard-working, attentive, caring, and very knowledgeable, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to resolve gut issues and to develop a better relationship with food and with themselves.


22 years old

I reached out to Meghan 4 months before my wedding after following her on Instagram for quite some time. I struggled with persistent digestive issues, was not feeling good about my body, and was feeling frustrated with my health. Starting this program, I wanted to resolve these long-standing digestive/skin issues and increase energy, build a more mindful, intuitive relationship with food and alcohol, lose weight and regain my confidence in myself, and adopt new healthy habits.

Not only did I feel and look my best on my wedding day, but I feel better in general and have developed healthy habits for life. Meghan was incredibly motivating in helping me achieve my goals. She listened to what I had to say, provided me with so much information, and always gave me the tools and resources to be successful. Meghan held me accountable in all of our sessions, checking in on me and following up regularly throughout the process. Meghan was not judgmental and was realistic with the goals she gave me, which made the process feel approachable, but also made me put in the work. After working with Meghan, I feel much more in tune and connected to my body, lost some weight and feel more confident, have drastically reduced gut/digestive issues, am way more energetic, and am much better about setting boundaries and advocating for myself. I now have a new toolkit that I can tap into any time I feel like I'm getting off track. Meghan empowered me in so many ways!

Meghan is an attentive listener, incredibly knowledgeable, persistent, and motivating. She really cares! I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with gut/digestive issues, who feels lost/stuck both physically and emotionally, and who wants to finally live a healthier lifestyle. I wish that Meghan could be my coach every day! I will definitely work with her again for fertility and pregnancy/postpartum when the time comes.


32 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to optimize my digestion and resolve consistent gas, bloating, and stomach pain, to develop a mindful/intuitive relationship with food so that I can live a more balanced 80-20 lifestyle, and to build better and more consistent sleep and movement routines. Ultimately, I wanted to feel more comfortable and confident in my body. Meghan was able to help me work towards all of these goals by holding me accountable, being very supportive and understanding, and assisting me / equipping me with the right tools, resources, and information throughout the entire program.Not only have I seen very tangible physical changes in my digestion, my energy, and my vitality, but more importantly, I have seen a drastic shift in my mental state. I feel lighter, happier, and calmer, and am more confident and trusting of myself and of my body’s ability to heal. I would recommend Meghan to absolutely anyone who is looking for support throughout their healing journey towards better health!


30 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to resolve my consistent and recurring digestive issues (bloating, gas, stomach pain, irregular bowel movements) and understand which foods affect me, develop a more mindful, intuitive relationship with food and stop eating in the middle of the night, and be more grounded, present, and calm, while being kinder to myself and loving myself. Meghan was able to help me work toward these goals by constantly being available and eager to talk through the most uncomfortable and difficult moments and by being understanding and prepared with reasonable and helpful solutions.

After 2 years of EXTREME bloating, constipation, and constant discomfort (and seeing other practitioners who couldn’t resolve the issues), I finally feel like I am on the mend because of Meghan. I have finally stopped waking up hungry in the middle of the night, have learned how to nourish myself with lots of whole fruits and vegetables, and finally realize that simple foods make me feel the best (and also taste amazing!). More importantly, to say that my mindset has shifted for the better is an understatement. I am so much happier and in a much better mental place.

Meghan is a gift. She has truly helped me heal from within, and I will forever be thankful for that. I would recommend to absolutely anyone, and truly believe that the large majority of people would benefit from seeing her. No matter how chronic your gut or health issues are, she can definitely help you. I will always remember how much Meghan has helped me, and I can’t wait to meet her in person one day soon.


24 years old

Starting this coaching program, I wanted to get rid of my persistent acne and have clear, healthy, glowing skin again so that I could confidently look myself in the mirror, to completely resolve gut/digestive issues and have consistent bowel movements, and to have clarity about what is going on inside my body and know how to nourish, care, and fuel my body every day! After working with Meghan, I have finally learned how to nourish my body in the right way, have completely clear skin that has never been so glowy and vibrant in my life (seriously!), and have drastically reduced digestive issues, more regular bowel movements, and increased energy. Meghan was able to help me achieve all of these goals by actually figuring out and understanding the root causes of imbalances within my body and helping me to resolve them through changes to my daily routine.

Meghan is an angel in disguise, and is definitely now one of my role models. She is easy to talk to, personable, knowledgeable, and really passionate about helping her clients do better than they every thought they could. After every call, I felt motivated and inspired by her. She has helped me reach goals that I never ever thought I could achieve. I would recommend Meghan to anyone who feels lost physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually, and really think that everyone could benefit from working with her. I’m so grateful that I was able to work with her and now know her personally. She is going to do big things!


21 years old

Starting this program, I really wanted to resolve hormonal imbalances (mainly acne and fatigue) and gut/digestive issues, adopt new routines around food prep and intake, and start to let go of excess weight. Meghan was able to help me work towards these goals by 1. creating a clear, digestible (literally and figuratively) food and lifestyle program to follow that allows for flexibility, 2. listening closely to understand my challenges and symptoms and tailor a program for me and my needs, 3. adjusting and adapting to my style, and 4. being open and vulnerable about her own health journey. Getting suggestions from an expert in the field who could also truly empathize with what I was going through was so valuable. It encouraged me to remain patient, committed, and optimistic on days that I wasn't feeling the best.I am in such a different place now vs. when we started working together. Overall, I simply just feel BETTER! My acne has basically cleared altogether, my skin is glowing, my period has regulated, my digestive issues have completely resolved, and my afternoon fatigue (that was previously overwhelming) has essentially gone away. I feel far more confident moving through food decisions, with the motivator and instinct being eating what makes me feel best, not just the more abstract concept of "being healthy”. While my stress/anxiety management remains a work in progress, I've started to utilize the effective tools that Meghan showed me to manage these patterns in my life too. Overall, I feel lighter physically, mentally, and emotionally. I also feel confident that I know what to do when/if any of my initial symptoms start to come up again, which has created a major mental shift for me and has put me back in touch with my body in the best way.
Meghan is empathetic, approachable, thoughtful, an absolute wealth of knowledge, an excellent teacher, an expert listener, and innately curious (love that as she teaches she also continuously prioritizes her own learning). I would recommend Meghan to people who are struggling with gut and hormone imbalance challenges and desire getting to know their body in a different way through new habits. I think most people, if they're ready to make the financial and personal investment, would greatly benefit from working with Meghan. I am so glad I started working with Meghan when I did, as this has been a major turning point in my health and in my life.


27 years old

Starting this program, I really wanted to get back into a sustainable routine and feel better and more confident in my body and my skin again. Meghan was able to help me work towards these goals by providing me with a framework to approach nutrition with and by helping me keep my thoughts and mindset in the right place while I implemented her feedback and guidance. I now feel like I have an incredible food and lifestyle routine in place and finally feel good again.

Meghan is truly such a kind person and bright light. She has developed such a simple yet effective approach to feeling good through the daily choices that we make. If you are struggling with intrusive thoughts and just feel overwhelmed with where to begin on your health journey, I highly recommend that you take some time to speak and work with Meghan. You will start to feel good on her program so quickly; if you stick to it, it will become second nature and part of your lifestyle.

We all know how we deserve to treat ourselves, and Meghan made it so much easier for me to fulfill these promises to myself through the tools and resources she provided. (Life-changing colonic recommendations too!)



Starting this program, I really wanted to have more regular daily bowel movements, eliminate my bloating and gas, and remove the toxic burden in my on my gut and liver. I was feeling so bogged down and felt very out of balance in my body (digestive health, hormone health, thyroid health, skin health, energy). Meghan was able to help me work towards these goals by giving me guidance on what foods to eat and when and by introducing me to gravity colonics to boost motility and remove the obstruction from my gut.

I have had poor digestion for the majority of my life, but it had gotten really concerning. I was also starting to experience hypothyroidism.After our initial consultation, I signed up for Meghan’s 3-month program and am SO happy I made the investment into my health. Meghan approaches her coaching with compassion to meet you where you are, and is kind, mindful, extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and passionate about helping people move toward feeling their best.

Since working with Meghan, the most significant changes I have noticed are very regular bowel movements, reduced digestive issues, increased energy, a regular period with very minimal symptoms, more clear and glowing skin on my neck and back, and dramatically reduced inflammation in my body. All of this alone would have been great, but I have seen so many other shifts in my lifestyle because Meghan gave me approachable and actionable steps to move me towards my goals. I am now very mindful of my food choices without feeling restricted. The resources and tools that Meghan shared during our time together were also very helpful to achieve my goals, and I have completed the program with a solid understanding of how to optimize my gut, hormone, and skin health that I will take with me forever. I highly recommend Meghan if you want to improve your gut and hormone health holistically. I will miss our check-ins!